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The San Diego Comics Convention

To answer the usual question that starts getting asked in email around now and continues until the day before the fucking show: no, I don’t attend the San Diego Comics Convention.

And even if I wanted to, Heidi Mac details the situation:

At 1:00 EST/10 PST the San Diego Comic-con hotel reservation site went live. By 1:02 EST all the close hotels were sold out, including the Manchester Grand Hyatt, purportedly the largest hotel on the West Coast.

If you think I’m going to stay in Dirty Tonio’s Flophouse forty miles away from the convention just for the pleasure of being snotted on by eighty thousand comics fans all wearing HAWKEYE IS JESUS and ARSERAPE = SUPERHERO GOLD t-shirts, you’re fucking insane.


…no, I don’t attend the San Diego Comics Convention. Thanks for asking.

— W