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Susannah Breslin’s PORN HAPPY

When was the last time you asked yourself: “Am I porn happy?”

…Porn Happy is a novel-in-progress. This blog renders transparent its process.

Porn Happy is the story of Xerxes Xavier. He was born and raised in Berkeley, California, the son of two intellectuals. In the wake of the death of his father, Xerxes propels himself down the truly great state of California to Los Angeles. There, he discovers Porn Valley. Here, he finds, he can feel again. He meets a porn star, Happy Darling. He befriends a porn movie director, John Chance. In this place, Xerxes is porn happy. At the same time, the adult movie industry is becoming far, far more extreme. Faced with rising competition from the internet under a series of liberal political regimes, Porn Valley is pushing itself to its very limits with stunt-sex acts and scenes of degradation not previously seen. One night, in a Hollywood nightclub called Limbo, Xerxes meets a girl. Her name is Lucy Love. Finally, Xerxes must make a choice between the two to find redemption.

Today, Porn Happy is still being written. “Project Porn Happy” is a solicitation for the democratization of funding for the arts. Through funds generated by this blog, Porn Happy will be written. This is where you will be able to read excerpts from Porn Happy, track the porn happy research for the book, and watch while it all happens…

(Warren Ellis endorses this product and/or service. Hit the link, visit Susannah, read the rest, give it up.)