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  1. Den Den


    Works for me.

  2. Warren,

    Here’s my research links:

    UCR of NY state – explains “what a crime is” to NY

    2009 report released in Sept.

    Crime Stats by County (NYC is NY County, considered separately at the bottom of the list)

    US Census

    NYPD Missing Persons FAQ

    Failure to report stat:

    Hope this helps whatever weird alley you are traveling down today.

    p.s. Captain Swing rocks. I wish there was a huge coffee table size edition though. Maybe just a poster of the ship.

  3. Tadhg Tadhg

    That dog looks like it’s better off wallpapering the road.

  4. Ales Kot Ales Kot

    Thanks, Warren!

  5. Last summer/fall, I had intermittent inner ear problems and would get vertigo out of nowhere. The last time it happened I was going 70mph in the left lane of a freeway. I got so freaked out it triggered a full-blown panic attack. I had to pull over and call 911. I went to the hospital and was fine, but ever since then, even 8 months later, I get anxiety when I drive on the freeway. Lucky for me, I have to drive that stretch of road on my way to school 4 times a week but it has still been *really* tough.

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