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  1. Wow, that’s gorgeous.

  2. Kevin Kevin

    IMHO, Warren you are the King comic book writer. Matt Fraction? He’s the Prince. Really looking forward to this.

  3. Eric Palicki Eric Palicki

    Bought and read it last week. I don’t think I realized it was a preview copy, and I wondered why there had been so little noise before its release.

    Loved it.

  4. Tim Tim

    I’ve been looking foward to this ever since I saw this piece of art :
    (Coincidence that image is hosted here I just googled to try and find it and it was here already.)

    I picked it up today but I won’t get a chance to read it until later.

  5. blah blah

    Why do I keep thinking Jerry Cornelius?

  6. I read it on my lunch break and it made me late going back to work. So what.



    “Nice transitions.”

    “Thank you.”

  7. michael furious michael furious

    This is fantastic fun.
    And for two bucks, no one shouldn’t be reading this.

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