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Oh god. The trailer made it to YouTube, and people are taunting me with it. Let’s get this over with. I have, at best, a face for radio. Unfortunately, I don’t have a voice for radio. This is horrifying and I don’t want to look.

The trailer for CAPTURED GHOSTS, a forthcoming documentary about my work.

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  1. When the trailer started it was dead silent in that room. And then the beard came into focus and everyone knew exactly who it was haha

    Can’t wait to see the documentary :)

  2. Apryl Apryl

    Thank you for making me squirm in my seat. Impatient for documentary, may have to watch alone *genuflects*.

  3. Jim Moore Jim Moore

    Funny, with your known aversion to your own voice, what made you want to do this project? Can’t wait to see it myself.

  4. Wait, what? All those fags and all that whiskey, where are the husky vocals I was expecting?

  5. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Basically, if I hadn’t have participated, they would have gone ahead anyway, using interviews with other people. So I booked out two days to do the filming and ensure that they were at least getting good data…!

  6. Charleson Mambo Charleson Mambo

    I like how the trailer highlights the writerly vices. (aka cigs, alcohol and red bull)

  7. Juan Carlos Romero Juan Carlos Romero

    I thought your voice was that of a man that had swallowed an ashtray, but it sounds “thoughtful” -for me anyway- and it seriously amped up by that moody ambient in the background. Can’t wait, Mr. Ellis, Can’t fucking wait.

  8. The world will be ever closer to exposing Ellis as a sentient collection of nano-machines sent from the future to horde alcohol. Look out.

  9. Tonya J Tonya J

    I saw your tweet about “Kill me now”. The background music is kind of cheesy but you yourself are just fine, and I say that as someone who has never seen you on video before, only your words.

  10. Well I agree with the statement made.

    Should be very interesting; even if Americans have to watch with subtitles.

  11. That’s beautiful.

  12. Ah, toughen up! You look like you, that works, end of story. I’m working on doing more push-ups so I don’t look like a fat git at Anime Central next month; we all wish we looked better, but in the end, it works. Congrats.

  13. Dearest Pappa Ellis,
    You’re still SexyBrayneSwami in my book. :) hope u got your jelly donught afterwords!

  14. verus verus

    1/3 smoky, 1/3 talky, 1/3 whisky

    Sounds about right!

  15. Sarah Deaton Sarah Deaton

    You’re adorable! <3

  16. JiveKitty JiveKitty

    Tobacco, alcohol and caffeine. This will get an R-rating in my country! Oh well, not so bad as Australia, I guess, where it will either be cut to pieces or just completely banned.

    @Mike Cane: The Up series is an incredible work.

    @Paul Sizer:

  17. I would have no problem returning to the UK every few years and directing a series of these. We had such a great time filming him. The man in person is a juggernaut of personality. I could feel the walls of reality around the hotel shake slightly when I watched him exit his cab.

  18. Blarkon Blarkon

    Always figured that Ellis would sound like Rorschach from Watchmen. Sounds more like Terry Pratchett imitating Rorschach from Watchman ;-)

  19. Keith Keith

    For all the people that keep mentioning that they haven’t seen Ellis on video before, he’s interviewed in the supplemental stuff on the “Iron Man” DVD.

  20. Ross M Karchner you get a prize. It is Sunday Seance by Blockhead. He was gracious enough to allow us to use the song.

  21. Dave Dave

    I like the voice. The impression is of a dissolute Paul Simonon and it is exactly the voice I hear for Billy Butcher.

  22. Cam Cam

    That accent, for the most part, is incredibly Australian. That was unexpected.

  23. cha0sthe0ry cha0sthe0ry

    my nipples just got hard, watching that… yeah, ok, overshare.

    seriously, warren: no one likes the sound of their own voice (or at least no one who isn’t fairly stupid or shallow) look on the bright side, you don’t sound like alan moore.

    getting to hear you speak was the absolute highlight of my last comicon- i am SO looking forward to this.

  24. […] Ellis såklart. Dokumentären går under namnet Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts. Ellis reaktion på  den personliga bloggen var rätt underhållande, precis som allt annat han vanligen skriver eller gör. Oh god. The […]

  25. Tanya Tanya

    Suck it, Ellis — you’re brilliant, docu looks brilliant, can’t wait to see it!

  26. Actually, Warren. I think that you are very well spoken. Being from Essex, I expected you to have at least hint of an Essex accent. I was glad to discover that you do not :)

  27. I always thought you looked imposingly smart, Warren. Listen to the people here who are saying they like your voice, which sounds thoughtful. We at Sequart wanted to do this documentary because you’re a major comics writer whom we respect and appreciate, and I think you come off well on camera. You have presence.

    The documentary has a page up at

  28. You have city hands, Mr Hooper.

  29. João João

    Now there’s the trifecta: Alan Moore already has a doc, grant morrison will have one and so will you. my three favourite comic writers, at their humane best. like someone said before, can’t wait, mr. ellis, can’t fucking wait.

  30. Bareminster Bareminster

    i fucking love you warren ellis

  31. I gotta tell you, that trailer is not something I can show to someone and say, “Check this doc out, it’s about a writer I really like.” I sure hope there is another trailer on the way at some point. That one looks sleepy.

  32. Tadhg Tadhg

    Huh. So that’s what you sound like. Less menacing then I thought. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I don’t want to wait till 2011 to see this though.

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