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Burying Things All Week

So I have mostly been writing obituaries for Wildstorm Comics at the behest of comics news websites this evening. I’ll link them over when they go live, presumably some time tomorrow. But it would seem that the old firm is done. I assume that either my Wildstorm-published work will be allowed to go out of print, or it’ll be reprinted with a big DC logo instead of any Wildstorm mark.

Wildstorm Comics, and its various editors and operators, were very kind to me, way back when, and it’s a shame to see the imprint go. Equally, it’s strange to see it go, just when the Wildstorm-published RED is on the cusp of its film adaptation’s premiere.

I do wonder where new creator-owned work will go, at DC, especially given Vertigo’s obvious contraction. (Although that imprint’s rumoured new focus on more hook-y, commercially-rugged material may make it look more like Wildstorm than itself, in a few years.) Six months ago, I was more worried about Vertigo than Wildstorm. Shows what I know.

Just wrote the skip week text for this Friday on FREAKANGELS – with everything going on here over the last several days, I didn’t have a prayer of getting coherent pages out. Not that FREAKANGELS has appeared coherent lately, I’m sure.

You’ll notice — unless you’re reading this on the Livejournal feed, or possibly on RSS — that there are special sharing buttons at the bottom of every post now, more magic by Ariana. Press them, wildly, so that I may put my disease in people.

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