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Bruce Sterling

“Cryptic shoulder-patch of an unknown USA ‘Black World’ military-entertainment outfit. Presented to awestruck Europeans at Transmediale 08 by Trevor Paglen, author of ‘TORTURE TAXI: On the Trail of the CIA’s Rendition Flights.’ Dr. Paglen would appreciate any leads on the meaning of this logo.”

I don’t recognise the quote, but… am I miles off, or does that roughly translate as “rather better than all right”? IDK, of course, stands for I Don’t Know…

EDIT: Simon Crubellier suggests “better is better than good enough” as a more literal translation. I still think this Paglen guy’s some kind of weird conceptual comedian.

(Apologies for lifting the entire post, Bruce, but there was really nowhere to cut. I’ll owe you, I dunno, a food parcel or antibiotics or something.)

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