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Bruce Springsteen With Win and Regine (Arcade Fire)

This is interesting. I don’t have a whole hell of a lot of time for Springsteen beyond the social perspective he has on his work (and, like most American classic rockers, it is “work,” it assumes “authenticity,” the term “blue-collar” gets tossed around, sweat must be squeezed out). “Keep The Car Running” was head-and-shoulders the best piece of (and the only sign of rhythmic life in) the last Arcade Fire album, and their recent polite cover of the Clash’s “Guns Of Brixton” created a sort of recursive swirling black hole of fakedom. Win Butler in particular is showing worrying signs of turning into Celine Dion in drag.

Now watch the video. (If you can cope with the guy with the camera apparently spontaneously shooting his load when the band start up.) Watch Springsteen moving in and out, giving them the stage. Watch Regine just come alive about a minute in. See Win watching Springsteen working for a living and loosening up just a little bit. And at 2.30 they all look at each other and laugh out loud.

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  1. Brad Elmore Brad Elmore

    That was simply the funniest audience member in all of history.

  2. jeffk jeffk

    Am I the only one who just hears John Cafferty’s “On the Dark Side” (you know, from Eddie and the Cruisers) when I hear this song?

  3. Jason Jason

    The Boss’ “Nebraska” (1982) is still one of the most hardbody albums ever.

  4. Brian Brian

    Good song. I like the way Springsteen goes about what he does even when I don’t care for what it is he’s doing. I’m old enough to believe that I’m not buying into an image.
    Hit youtube and check out him covering Suicide – Dream Baby Dream
    Also, check out the Suicide version just to see where it’s coming from.

    I’m going to go watch the Suicide version now that i think of it because i have had beer.

  5. Agreed on all points. That was pretty magical.


  6. You seen the Elvis Costello/Bruce Springsteen/Dave Grohl cover of “London Calling”? It was from the Grammy’s, in whatever year Joe Strummer died. (I’d find it for you on YouTube, but the site’s blocked here at work…)

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