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Brubaker & Phillips’ FATALE: A Preview

Ed Brubaker was kind enough to shoot me an ARC (Advance Reading Copy) of his new comics series with illustrator Sean Phillips, FATALE, the other week.  Ed was kind of freaked out when I said “this is a lot of fun.”

“You never call anything ‘fun,'” Ed said.  “Never!  You hate it, right?”

Nope.  It’s fun.  It’s Ed and Sean mixing up crime and horror in a big tub with a bloody great bit of wood, which would be entertaining enough in its own right: but there’s deep barbs sunk in the big stick, with a sharp steel shine that promises more than you see on the surface.

I must have convinced him, because he’s given me a five-page preview of the first issue of FATALE to show you.  It’s out in comics stores from this Wednesday, I believe.  (Probably a day later in Britain.)  Please click through to see them, and the alternative cover to issue one that for some reason cracks me up every time I see it.

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