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If you’ve been as busy as I have over the last couple of days, you too will not have seen the video for Brokencyde’s "Freaxxx." Ariana just made me watch it. I will think of a suitable punishment for that later.

As she says, it really kicks off into lunacy around the 1.50 mark. But I would like you to watch the whole thing. Because it really is one of those "fall of Western culture" moments. It’s a near-perfect snapshot of everything that’s shit about this point in the culture.

It is, however, going to be one of those great Litmus tests. If you meet someone who likes this? Even if they profess to like it in an "ironic," knowing, media-aware kind of way? Then they’re a turd with a haircut.

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  1. Kiel Phegley Kiel Phegley

    Holy shit. This band is the background on my 14 year old brother’s computer. I’m staging an intervention.

  2. phatJ of brokencyde phatJ of brokencyde

    people on the Internet are so quick to listen to us and hate what they hear and see. Freaxxx is a song that was put together for FREE! Also people don’t understand that brokencyde is 4 poor ass motherfuckers tryin to make music and have fun. Is that wrong??? And it’s said they we are “unoriginal” well to be exact we’ve been creating music for years as seperate musicians for years. Our different influences were key in creating a sound that I have never heard before. we started our band to make funny cool music that people could dance to. Emo fucks wouldn’t understand having a good time. Thank you for the publicity =)

    PHATJ FROM BROKENCYDE <————————————————————————————–

  3. mackinmn mackinmn

    Quote phatJ of brokencyde:

    “people on the Internet are so quick to listen to us and hate what they hear and see. Freaxxx is a song that was put together for FREE! Also people don’t understand that brokencyde is 4 poor ass motherfuckers tryin to make music and have fun. Is that wrong??? And it’s said they we are “unoriginal” well to be exact we’ve been creating music for years as seperate musicians for years. Our different influences were key in creating a sound that I have never heard before. we started our band to make funny cool music that people could dance to. Emo fucks wouldn’t understand having a good time. Thank you for the publicity =)”

    Where do I begin?

    First off, congratulations for at least making a video — which is more than I can say for myself. But the kudos end there. Digitized voices, unnecessary screaming, unoriginal lyrics, etc. all point to the demise of modern music. God help us all.

  4. Brendan Brendan

    LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR. what a fucking disgrace

  5. G’ack. I’ll put it simply, I’m 17 and I’m ashamed to be in an age range comparable to the mindless fucks who would actually like stuff like this. This, as Warren said, epitomizes the mass incompetence, and future downfall of today’s teen generation. And I agree. A lot of these people should not be allowed to reproduce. It’d probably only lead to broken children under parents who don’t really care.
    To the few (and far between) youths of today who aren’t completely fucked up, mindless scene-following sheep, I tip my hat to you, and express my regret at being associated with the fuckery of our generation.

  6. jakt jakt

    this is the worst thing that i have ever heard. makes me want to go to church. i’m an athiest and all, but i’d like to be surrounded by people that believe in christ just till i forget that i saw this.

  7. seriously seriously

    ooh ooh look at me I have an unique opinion, just like everyone else, I’m special, hello warren ellis! Hi mom! The only thing worse than that song is the debate on it, go write a song yourself, or a book or draw a picture do something better with your time than whine or express your mastabatory outrage on an internet forum.


    “people on the Internet are so quick to listen to us and hate what they hear and see.”


    Uhhh… Maybe cause it SUCKS and has absolutely no class, substance, or lasting value? Sure, you’ve gotten some points for originality, but I think as a whole you’re hated. At least from the bulletins I’ve seen on MySpace, 4chan, etc… Yeah, enjoy your publicity while it lasts, but don’t forget that 4chan is what the media refers to as an underground terrorist group of “hackers on steroids”… Have fun with that.

  9. Zach Zach

    Oh man, I’m a huge Warren Ellis fan and I stumbled upon this blog/post after Googling “Brokencyde” after hearing this abortion of a song recently. Win/Lose?

  10. Phil Phil

    Brokencyde is going to be the punch line of jokes about shitty music for the next 1,000 years.

  11. Katho Katho

    After I saw this, I loaded it up, got all my friends inside and locked the door.
    It inflicted pure terror and anguish. Perhaps they should use this as a new weapon for fighting terrorists? Just play it over and over, and they’ll all kill themselves. Or maybe their heads would explode.
    I am now going to track down each person I hate individually and make them watching this on repeat for a whole week. With their eyes clamped open, A Clockwork Orange style.

    PS: What the fuck is with the hair?

  12. sessile sessile

    That shit was hilarious.

  13. pete pete

    i actually prefer listening to the good guys television commercial to this.

  14. Justin Justin

    Original? Ahaha, you’re killing me.
    The whole Screamo/Crunk shit has been around for ages, and it’s always equally as annoying. I find it hard to believe that anyone could enjoy this trash, and that it isn’t actually listened to for the sake of “irony” or what-have-you. Even then, wow. Fucking wow.

    Go listen to some good Screamo like Raein, Circle Takes the Square, Heroin, Angel Hair, Suis La Lune and Anomie among others, then proceed to get the fuck off the planet, your collective mothers should have swallowed you all.

  15. […] Bra comments Jag håller helt och hållet med. Alla som lyssnar på detta band borde stoppas från att någonsin skaffa barn. Och helst hängas omedelbart. […]

  16. out of all the mythical, blood sucking creatures out there, the Chupacabra is almost certainly the sneakiest

  17. eLeNo0zZz eLeNo0zZz

    hey guys[!][!][!]
    i am from GREECE and i am <> for BR0KENCYDE[!]

    I fucking love them<333
    I like all their songs[!]
    I want (one day)come t GREECE for a concert :P
    (sorry for my bad english):$:$:$

  18. Aimee. Aimee.

    i cant believe how pathetic some of you people are.
    leaving comments, slagging off this “band” like they’re going to read them.
    further up i read a comment about using DSL to make this song. Well you would have problems as DSL is used to connect to the internet on a broadband connection.
    i actually think this songs alright.
    much better than complete shite such as pendulum, if you think brokencyde are untalented please listen to them.
    and the screamer is actually pretty decent, from listening to their live music.
    its the lead vocalist thats a pile of wank.

  19. OOkii OOkii

    So why the hate? Nice white boys park mom’s Rover and dad’s bimmer out front of the McMansion and act all cool for their freinds with video gear and (unlike the young republican above)get laid.
    Been going on one way or another for a very long time.
    If they also had talent or taste or creative intelligence it might be more meaningfull.

  20. getcrunk getcrunk

    Alright. Apparently all that hve wrote comments are slaves to the bandwagon. There’s one band that have the balls to write and sing what they want without being judged and you cut them up like tomorrow’s pot roast. C’mon, seriously. These guys took what they have and made a career out of it. At least they’re having fun working (compared to a lot of mindless zombies these days), plus they made some good music to boot. If you don’t like it, forget it and move on. Not everything revolves around you and your taste. Get used ot the fact that there are a lot of poeple that like stuff like this.

  21. Sharon Sharon

    The hands. I can’t get the hands out of my mind.

  22. barnaby barnaby

    The only redeeming factor coming from this atrocity is that somebody’s going to use it to torture POW’s…you know, play it non-stop on an IMAX-sized screen with the stereo system set to eardrum-shattering levels, while the POW remains tied up, right in front of the screen, with his eyelids cut off…or something like that.

    Fall of western civilization my ass, we just happen to have stumbled upon a group of military geniuses who have concocted the world’s deadliest torture device. It’s absolutely fucking astounding.

  23. D-1 D-1

    Stupid Suburban Kids with big allowences. The label that is pushing this shit has completly sold out.
    Shadowsville Productions use to be who all the Internet MCs would jack from. Now they are producing this shit?
    Punk music has hit an all time low. Yeah I called it Punk music.
    Warp tour baby.

  24. moomin moomin

    I know this thread is probably dead as dogshit, but I needed to write that this video is seriously funny. Like jokes about the holocaust, whistling past the graveyard of early 21st century western culture. “Bitches get stitches?”

    This is evil genius on a very basic level. They’ve created a joke that almost no one will get, and the people that think they do (perhaps including myself), got wrong. Thank you, you sick fucks.

  25. Anonymous Anonymous

    I don’t see why everyone hates this band. I think they’re fucking hilarious. XD

  26. @Henk- actually, some folks in Berkeley run an internet archive that is periodically archiving the entire interweb. Sadly, that archive is now the largest depository of human culture ever, in history. And most of it is on par with Brokencyde.

  27. Aphex Aphex

    Dead thread, perhaps (Yeah, I’m playing the Thread Necromancer card) but I simply cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would consider creating ‘music’ like this piece of utter filth a valid use of their time.

    I’m in a band, and we create challenging and forward-thinking music in a small town with little hope of success… I think our chances of getting anywhere are at an absolute zero if this is the ‘next big thing’ (if there is a God, please don’t subject us to this).

    Quoting the laughably-monikered ‘PhatJ’ who is apparently a member of this troupe of piss-artists – “people on the Internet are so quick to listen to us and hate what they hear and see.”

    Yeah, you got that right; we are ‘so quick’ to hate what we hear and see. Ya know why? It’s utterly meaningless dross, devoid of anything positive or worthwile. I’ve seen dog turds by the side of the road more valuable to society.

    Sure, we’re ‘hating’ on you. That’s because you’ve just set the bar even lower than it was before. I hope Satan’s black worm jism is eating away at your stomach lining right now, and you are remembered in history as one of the most heinous crimes against music ever to have existed. Utter bilge like your ‘songs’ is what is making the youth of today into the mindless, consumerist morons that they are, and you should be damned ashamed.

    /rant over… sorry folks. :P

  28. Bryony Mayer. Bryony Mayer.

    I personally like it. I’m a fan of brokeNCYDE.

    “Utter bilge like your ’songs’ is what is making the youth of today into the mindless, consumerist morons that they are”

    not all of the youth are mindless, consumerist morons.
    to be fair, everyone has different tastes, i can see why people dont like this music.
    & for your information, this is not punk. this is screamo-pop.

    atleast accept the fact that some people listen to this. you may all think its total shit. but have some respect for other peoples opinions. its not just yours that matter.

    peace (:

  29. IHateYourBand IHateYourBand

    Sorry to revive a fairly old thread, but I had to get this off my chest.

    A “band” devoid of talent somehow, through a “scene” made up entirely of whiny middle-class wankers with crap hair-cuts, make a living by bastardising several genres of music. Nothing new there really. It seems “scenes” full of horrible wankers making horrible crap popular is the norm these days.

    But then, band member PhatJ tries to defend the abomination he helped shit into existence by saying all the douchebags involved have been musicians for years and this is the culmination of their individual styles and abilities. That’s kinda new.

    Do they expect people to respect them as musicians because they looped some preset beats, wrote some awful generic lyrics, modulated their crappy voices and then pranced around in a crappy video like a bunch of retarded monkeys? Fuck you BrokeNCYDE. Anyone can make music one way or another, but it’s especially easy to make shitty music. And you have created some very shitty music indeed. You may have even reached the very pinnacle of shitty music. In this day and age, that is quite a remarkable feat. So remarkable in fact that I, for one, think your efforts should be acknowledged.

    That is why I propose we create the Warren Ellis Golden Nugget Award and give it to BrokeNCYDE to recognise their tireless effort at being completely, fucking, shit. Congratulations BrokeNCYDE, you cock-smoking pussies. May Satan use your souls as suppositories.

  30. Lachlan Lachlan

    It’s either a really good piss take, or a shitter than shit serious band. I still can’t decide which.

  31. Stephen Stephen

    After seeing that…I mean…geez…just let society crumble.

  32. BrokenCyde Fan BrokenCyde Fan


  33. iamjoshl iamjoshl

    You aint hard you bitch so shut the fuck up! Only reason you like them is the fact you noticed their hair and heard a scream. Go enjoy your shit concert with your turd friends fucking moron and suck a scene kids dick while your at it! Stop acting “crunk” you fucking fool! You aint shit just like the 20,000 and so fags out there!

  34. (shiver) I have friends who…LIKE this…this…this musical abortion. I’ve never been more ashamed at my generation

  35. Cowgirl Cowgirl

    6000 people bought their record. Granted, that’s 6000 people that will be left on the surface when the bombs start falling and we shuffle into the caves, but that’s also the population of Bumfuck, Arkansas so who cares.
    They are irrelevant, annoying and hopelessly uncomfortable around women (do you see them in that video, it looks like they want to run away screamo-ing)

  36. ugh... puke ugh... puke

    Can I have my view back… There should have been a warning this was crap.

  37. I stumbled to this thread because there was a link in Wikipedia.

    Oh my god. I have had to sit through many, many, horrible bands, but this is absolutely the worst. If I never listen to anything even remotely related to this band again, I will die a happy man. As a matter of fact, I hope I die young, that way I will have less chances of accidentally hearing this song or band ever again.

  38. Hatman Hatman

    Warren. I dunno if you read all these comments, mate, but from a long-term fan of Transmet and Planetary who actually bought all the collections of each, I entreat you:
    My sister likes this band. I’ve yet to work out the courage to sit her down and patiently ask her what, exactly, she finds remotely redeemable about them. I think she’s going to one of their shows. I… I don’t… I just don’t understand anymore.
    For the love of God help.

  39. Kevin Foreverman Kevin Foreverman

    From Lord Screamo Von Douchington to Frostee McTip and on, Brokencyde are are a fantastical cavalcade of culture-confused, suburban mediocrity. Just when you thought hipsterdom had eaten and shat out everything that was once cool or strange or remotely original, the scene eating monster has re-emerged from its pit of kenny loggins records and skinny ties to regurgitate this mash-up of stuff that was only marginally relevant when it actually happened.
    Further, I can’t even tell when these kinds of cock noses are being ironic anymore. Man… Why can’t kids just actually be greasers or crunkmonsters or metalheads, rather than just pretending from a safe, inoculated, ironic distance. Or, fuck me, maybe we could actually do something new? Nah… Fuck it… I am probably giving too much away assuming that a guy who calls himself se7en even put any thought whatsoever into his “art”. So cue up some more garage band preset beats and have a good ol Lil John LARp til sunup. Douch On!

  40. I Wish I Was Born in A Different Generation I Wish I Was Born in A Different Generation

    This band just embodies why my generation is shit. Fuck fluro, fuck screamo, fuck emo. At least I look like I’ve just been beaten up at a Nirvana concert.

  41. CanadianPatriot CanadianPatriot

    Brokencyde is the Christian Weston Chandler of music.

    They are that bad.

    Congratulations, Brokencyde.

    And you wonder why people don’t take us teenagers seriously.

  42. Doug Adams Doug Adams

    I blame Fred Durst.

    and maybe Jonathan Davis.

  43. Wow..... Wow.....

    I don’t see how Fred Durst has anything to do with this…

  44. Lorraine Lorraine

    First heard that song on a “you rage you lose” thread on 4chan… This really does suck… I mean, it is kind of funny how idiotic it is, but it’s a bit sad at the same time that it’s gotten to this… Whatever happened to real music? Like Led Zeppelin, can never mention them enough when I hear horrendous shit like this. And they actually have FANS… Haha. And they’re bitching on here, saying other people have opinions different than the majority of those posted here “hating” on Brokencyde… Just like you have a right to your shitty ass opinion, we have right to ours… What the fuck is this faggotry?

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