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Broken But Moving

Work week from hell, for both me and Ariana (who makes this site work). So of course this is the moment at which things start falling off. The thing that takes my links and wraps them into a twice-daily post here is broken. The LiveJournal crossposter is broken. And in fact when I publish this post, written in the WordPress web dashboard, it’s going to tell me some crap about a missing password (but post it anyway). I think the site knows that Ariana and I have been talking about giving it a major overhaul and is therefore fucking with us.

As pretty and smart as my website is, it does need an update and some more functionality. Or at least some new thinking about what it’s supposed to do. At some point I also need to be thinking more about the attention economy and this site’s role in drawing your attention to useful and beautiful things. Because, from the time when I fused this site with Die Puny Humans, it became more than just Things About Warren.

And, damnit, I just noticed I forgot to charge the netbook last night and I’m at 17% and dropping fast. More later.

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  1. I’m having trouble with the delicious posting thing too. It’s happened before, a couple of times, but I never remember afterwards how I fixed it. If you get it sorted (or rather, if Ariana does), a brief how-to would be much appreciated.

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