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Britain Approves Frog’s Dick

Despite complaints from 60 people, Britain’s advertising regulators said on Wednesday there is nothing inappropriate about the genitals of an animated frog whose high-pitched squeals are sold as a mobile phone ringtone.

Television adverts of the motorcycle-riding Crazy Frog, who is drawn with a broad smile and a tiny penis, run frequently on British television, amusing, baffling and annoying viewers.

“While unusual for an animated model of this type to be shown with genitalia, no sexual or inappropriate references were made about its anatomy,” the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority said.

Twenty-two people complained they were worried children might see the advertising, which also promotes screen savers and mobile videos. Five parents said they were embarrassed by questions their children had asked.

Other viewers simply found the commercial annoying and thought it was shown too often…

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  1. Chris Chris

    I hope they take it off the air. Not because I’m offended or anything, but it’s occupying important advertisment time dammit!

  2. Lenny Lenny

    i fucking hate that annoying frog, it is fucking shit. i think the makers should be castrated and made to listen to that irritating amphibian on an infinity loop whilst sucking their own detatched genitalia.

  3. Chris Chris

    Sounds like a plan. And if they’re also creators of that fucking hippo and rat, I say we let them watch them dance while making
    them listen to that frog and sucking their genitalia.

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