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Go on.  Tell me you’re not just the least bit amused by that.

Brian Churilla’s THE SECRET HISTORY OF D.B. COOPER plays like Mike Mignola at his most hard-boiled adapting every goofy film about dreams that you ever sat through. If you love Mignola’s HELLBOY, you’ll find a lot to like in Churilla’s comically grim, energetically cartooned tale of an oneiric sniper scowling his way through Lovecraftian mindscapes.

Also, Occult Mutilated Teddy Bear.  Money in the bank.

There’s a fuller preview of the first issue at this link here.  I think COOPER will develop into an entertaining genre mashup in the mode of THE SIXTH GUN.

It comes from Oni Press (who sent me PDFs of the first three issues, so I know whereof I mumble), and launches on March 14.  You can contact your local comics store and give them the Diamond order code JAN12 1215.

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