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Brain Rehab

Nothing happened here yesterday, I know — I was in the final lap of FREAKANGELS Vol 3, and wrote 30 pages in a day. I’ve been waiting to write that sequence for a few months, and it was all queued up in my head. So yesterday was noises off and a headlong rush to the end. Today I am surveying the damage.

A first sweep of the feeds and tabs:

The topography of crime, at new blog Polis. They quote infodesigners Stamen:

We’ve found ourselves frustrated by the proprietary systems and long disclaimers that ultimately limit information available to the public. As citizens we have a right to public information. A clear understanding of our environment is essential to an informed citizenry.

FREAKANGELS artist Paul Duffield has a new blog up.

I’m nanometers ahead of the curve when I write SF, at best: augmented reality on a contact lens, just ahead of DOKTOR SLEEPLESS…

New photo by Ellen Rogers.


I’m actually now planning a Print On Demand book for release before the end of the year, so expect more ruminations and muttering about POD in the near future. Which reminds me, Katie West may have copies of some of her (high-end, limited edition) POD book left. I’m sortakinda trying to talk her into doing her next book as a more lo-fi, and therefore more affordable and massmarkety kind of thing.

And finally, this slightly freaky photo taken by Matt Jones at FOOcamp in California the other day, which he calls "Google Earth Holodeck":


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