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Bookmarks for 2013-03-06

  • MeCam Could Be The Perfect High-Tech Accessory For Narcissists – ReadWrite
    "When does social media become pathological narcissism? Maybe when you broadcast your whole day via a tiny voice-controlled personal-surveillance drone that hovers in the air and follows you around."
    (tags:drones social surveillance )
  • The Syrian Civil War comes to Iraq, as 8 Iraqi and 48 Syrian Troops are Killed on Iraqi Soil | Informed Comment
    "So on Saturday, Syrian rebels in the east of the country attacked another government checkpoint along the Iraqi border, al-Ya`rabiya, and took it. Some of the besieged Syrian troops, many wounded, escaped to the Iraqi side and were being escorted by Iraqi troops south when they were ambushed early on Tuesday and 48 were killed, along with 8 Iraqi border guards. The attackers had rocket propelled grenades and left three vehicles burning. It is not clear if the attackers were Syrian rebels in hot pursuit across the border or if local Sunni Iraqi clans, who are related to the largely Sunni insurgents in Syria, struck for themselves."
    (tags:pol war )
  • Q U B E (QR-Code Rubik’s Cube plus Content) | Hacker Farm
    "Q U B E is a handmade Rubik’s Cube with QR-Codes – a physical object that links to pages containing digital content: videos, audio files (music!), images and text. The idea here was to reintroduce some form of physical, human, ‘hands-on’ engagement with post-physical content, rather than pander to the ubiquity of one-finger DOWNLOAD culture."
    (tags:music design )

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