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Bookmarks for 2013-02-22

  • Roko’s basilisk – RationalWiki
    "According to the proposition, it is possible that this ultimate (future godlike artificial) intelligence may punish those who fail to help it, with greater punishment accorded those who knew the importance of the task. This is conventionally comprehensible, but the notable bit of the basilisk and similar constructions is that the AI and the person punished have no causal interaction: the punishment would be of a simulation of the person, which the AI would construct by deduction from first principles."
    (tags:ai future mad funny )
  • New Publishing Hybrids | desktop
    "And let’s not forget, magazines themselves are still an incredibly fluid idea. We must keep exploring, especially as there will be even more incredible hybrids around the corner, when the so-called “internet of things” really kicks in."
    (tags:magazines )
  • Facebook Admits Critical Bugs Caused Page Reach To Be Misreported For Months | TechCrunch
    "Eventually, Facebook started getting bug reports and questions from clients and sales people about discrepancies in Page Insights. A few weeks ago, it decided to do an audit of Page Insights. A few hours later it discovered the bugs."
    (tags:web )
  • Circus Maximus – By Gianni Riotta | Foreign Policy
    "In January, former Italian prime minister and current candidate Silvio Berlusconi praised Benito Mussolini, Italy's dictator for some 20 years, saying that the racial laws of 1938, which barred Jews from universities and many jobs, "are the worst fault of Mussolini, who, in so many other aspects, did good." A few days later, Berlusconi questioned a young woman in front of a laughing crowd, asking, "Do you come? Only once? How many times do you come? With what sort of time intervals?""
    (tags:pol )
  • Under Tomorrows Sky Think Tank Introductions: Rachel Armstrong on Vimeo
    Rachel Armstrong at our Eindhoven thing. She is brilliant.
    (tags:video sci tech bio architecture )

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