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Bookmarks for 2012-12-10

  • Senate Puts Brakes on Defense Clandestine Service
    "The Senate moved last week to restrain the rapid growth of the Defense Clandestine Service, the Pentagon’s human intelligence operation."
    (tags:war spook intel pol )
  • Digital Dualism And The Glitch Feminism Manifesto » Cyborgology
    "Glitch Feminism therefore is feminism for a digital age, a heralding of virtual agency, a blooming of particularity and selfhood. “Glitch” refuses being categorized as subtext, it rejects being labeled as subversive, it does not speak for the marginal or the subaltern, as “sub-” as a prefix needs to be marked as a mode of acquiescence to our own exclusion from the canon, the academy, the Platonic ideal. The first step to subverting a system is accepting that that system will remain in place; that said, the glitch says fuck your systems!"
    (tags:social theory )
  • Michael Chabon and Junot Díaz: Living on the page
    "There’s few people who would argue that one does not have to cut a deal with reality to spend so much time on these projects,” Díaz says. “Whether you’re a young artist, or you’re an artist late in their career, you have made a f–king deal with reality. You’re not going to be in the world as much as a normal person, I don’t think."
    (tags:writing writers )

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