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Bookmarks for 2012-11-20

  • The Interstellar Gravitational Assist
    "In a 1963 paper, Dyson speculated on how an advanced civilization might use a binary star system made up of two white dwarfs. Send a spacecraft into the system for a close pass around one of the stars and, depending on the mass and orbital velocity of the stars, it is thrown out of the binary system at velocities as high as 3000 kilometers per second. But Dyson took the idea even further. His paper, which appeared as a chapter in a book called Interstellar Communication (New York: Benjamin Press, 1963), described not just white dwarfs but the creation of a binary neutron star system as an engineered launch platform…"
    (tags:space )
  • The Internet Through a Postmodern Lens » Cyborgology
    "The postmodern world is obscene since everything is made visible, broadcast, and so forth. The Internet is obscene because it is characterized by endless information and communication as well as never-ending social commentary…"
    (tags:comms social net philosophy )
  • Open the Future: #War
    "What's the hashtag for terror? For propaganda? I've been talking about the role of social media as a possible enabler of political violence for years. In my June 2009 talk at Mobile Monday in Amsterdam, I argued that Twitter and similar media had the potential to serve a role similar to the radio stations used to drive the 1990s Rwandan genocide. I went into more detail on the idea in this article at Fast Company a short while later…"
    (tags:war future peopleIknow comms social )
  • The Joy of Dredd | Mulholland Books
    Duane Swierczynski's JUDGE DREDD comic for IDW in America
    (tags:comics )

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