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Bookmarks for 2012-05-27

  • Dawn Above the Cloud Sea on Vimeo
    Dawn Above the Cloud Sea After hiking 13km up HuangShan on the first day, we got up at 4am (after only 5hrs of sleep) to go see the sunrise over the mountain. At first it was a tease – the sky got brighter but we did not see the disk of the sun. When it finally began emerging from the grayness of the horizon, a large cloudmist swooped in to block its ascent from view. (the crowd was certainly displeased!) But at long last the mist dissipated, and the glow of morning illuminated the rolling waves of the cloudsea beneath. We were at ???? vista (hou zi guan hai) (monkey gazing at the cloudsea) Equipment: Nikon D300, Tokina 12-24mm, Nikon 35mm 2.0, Nikon 85mm 1.8 Music: Epoch in Dmaj – Caspian James Leng
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  • surveillance and the sentient city | THE STATE
    @cnqmdi: new post at @thestate_: on anonymous, insurrectionism, and cv-dazzling underwear cc @Triple_Canopy @BiellaColeman
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  • Ghosting Season – 13 featuring. Birds Of Passage by Last Night On Earth on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free
    Ghosting Season – 13 featuring. Birds Of Passage A fascination with taxidermy, a love of Krautrock, and interests ranging from vintage synths to gothic Victoriana – Ghosting Season embody the eccentric and the ethereal. ‘The Very Last Of The Saints’ is the debut album from the Manchester-based duo, aka Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale. Stepping off the path laid by the great British leftfield tradition (Eno, Aphex, Seefeel, Global Communication, Burial, Lone et al), Ghosting Season fuse elements of ambient techno, musique concrete, IDM and post-rock into the kind of textured soundscapes that have won them much critical acclaim via a handful of releases, remixes (Radiohead, Cloud Control) and their formidable live show (Fields, SXSW and beyond). Ghosting Season’s sound first emerged as tangents from Gavin and Tom’s previous band project, worriedaboutsatan. While the latter took its cues from the likes of Explosions In The Sky and Mogwai, the pair’s music began to head off into a different direction, one that was informed far more by electronic music, but still incorporated their love of guitars, vocals and found sounds. This new identity bore its first fruit with 2011’s ‘Far End Of The Graveyard EP’. ‘The Very Last Of The Saints’ is a breathtaking debut, moving from beautifully crafted cerebal electronica to tripped out house, glitchy drone collages and more strobe-friendly peaktime techno. ‘The Very Last Of The Saints’ is the first album release on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label.
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