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Bookmarks for 2012-01-28

  • Yemen’s State Within a Failed State – Photos By Tom Finn | Foreign Policy
    "The Arab uprisings, however, have shifted the dynamics of the struggle. With the regime's firepower focused on dissenters in the major cities, Saada quietly slid out of its control. A mini-state has sprung up, run almost entirely by the Houthis, who have taken on the responsibilities of government. They have appointed their own governor (a notorious arms dealer), police the streets, and rebuilt schools and houses destroyed in the war. Despite their efforts, Saada remains a destitute city, filled with sprawling graveyards, bullet-pocked mud-brick houses and lean-looking children on crutches hobbling frantically alongside lines of moving traffic, begging for food and money."
    (tags:pol photography war )
  • BBC News – Bournemouth resident mystified by ‘blue sphere shower’
    "Mr Hornsby, a former aircraft engineer, said: "The sky went a really dark yellow colour. "As I walked outside to go to the garage there was an instant hail storm for a few seconds and I thought, 'what's that in the grass'?""
    (tags:fortean weird )

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