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Bookmarks for 2011-06-13

  • Infrastructure and the State
    "So, the Adaptive Journey service I describe isn’t possible at the moment, because you can’t get at the user data without breaking TfL’s terms and conditions. Nevertheless, the “We see you’re doing this, perhaps you’d find it better to do that” design pattern is a powerful one, if used properly." Yeah, crossref with @TowerBridge there, Ben. good read, though.
    (tags:cities design net pol )
  • Robot Flâneur
    “Google Street View is both the view from the machine (from the car, the Ballardian view-of-our-times) and the view of the machine (the way the machine sees). Overlayed with data augmentation, from a non-human-natural perspective (the roof of the car), slightly lensed (fish-eyed), wholly networked.”
    (tags:cities digital net viewing social )
  • Happy Birthday Marian?
    Marian Churchland's birthday wish list made me smile
    (tags:art )
  • EMMYS: Looking Far Into The Future of TV
    "What’s less clear is how big a role current media powers will play as the TV community moves to an on-demand world where few companies may find it worth their while to spend $3 million to produce an hour-long show. Many executives are terrified as they look at what’s ahead for television. The industry consists of an ecosystem of companies that Needham & Co analyst Laura Martin estimated last year had a market value of $345 billion. All of that is in jeopardy as advertisers and consumers reassess what they want from television, and how much they’re willing to pay for it. Here are some of the potential changes they face."
    (tags:tv )

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