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Bookmarks for 2011-04-09

  • Jiz Lee » What is Genderqueer?
    "For the last year I’ve been more visible about being genderqueer. It’s an identity I feel is very important to put forward, especially as I find myself receiving more mainstream attention, though I could just as easily identify with any number of other identities I hold to my being. Despite the fact that I’ve used the word “genderqueer”, I realized I haven’t shared much on my site about what the term means to me."
    (tags:social )
  • Gendercide in India: Add sugar and spice | The Economist
    "If sex ratios stay the same, 600,000 missing girls this year will become, in 18 years’ time, over 10m missing future brides. Robbery, rape and bride-trafficking tend to increase in any society with large groups of young single men. And because in China and India men higher up the social ladder find wives more easily than those lower down, the social problems of bachelorhood tend to accumulate like silt among the poorest people and (in India) the lowest castes."
    (tags:social )
  • Man stranded in empty Japanese town since tsunami – Yahoo! News
    "The farmhouse sits at the end of a mud-caked, one-lane road strewn with toppled trees, the decaying carcasses of dead pigs and large debris deposited by the March 11 tsunami. Stranded alone inside the unheated, dark home is 75-year-old Kunio Shiga. He cannot walk very far and doesn't know what happened to his wife. His neighbors have all left because the area is 12 miles (20 kilometers) from the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant — just within the zone where authorities have told everyone to get out because of concerns about leaking radiation. No rescuer ever came for him."
    (tags:bloody+hell )
  • Portal 2: Lab Rat – Part 1 – Comics Preview at IGN
    Valve's Portal tie-in comic by Mike Avon Oeming
    (tags:comics )

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