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Blue Verbal Data Feed

Someone emailed me this a little while ago.  I have no idea what this is.  It may just be one of those weird bits of ephemera that I’ve somehow missed, but…

The YouTube page says, in part:

This inexplicable 10-inch record from 1969 is one of the strangest and most obscure private pressings you could ever hope to find. It contains a 24-minute psychedelic message from the distant future, presented with intermittent bursts of electronic music, feedback and ambient noise.

This recording is an "unauthorized experiment" that was made in the year 2058 C.D.S. (Carbon Dating System), a "blue verbal data feed" sent backwards in time to "retro A.D." by Decker, T. L., index J-3, CMR 00965 of T-Group Roaring Vectors 252, a human cyborg who suffers from a malfunctioning number nine electrode in his head which causes him to have an emotional breakdown as he records this message. It’s a secret message to a past world he has trouble imagining, a retro world of foreign substances like metal, plastic, animals, soldiers… a world all "physical and slow," "all mechanical and disunified, before major coordinations."

An 8½" 20RPM disc containing this recording was found on the elevator at 205 W. 57th Street in New York City on February 11, 1969 by the composer Clark Gesner…


One would presume that Gesner, probably best known for a stage musical based on Peanuts but also having written comedy for NBC’S Experiment In Television, is in fact the originator of the work.  If anyone knows any more about this, I’m @warrenellis on the twitters.

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