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BLACK SUMMER And The Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire

If I’m reading this correctly, then my graphic novel BLACK SUMMER has won the comics prize in this year’s Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire, evidently France’s oldest sf awards organisation.

Provided my French hasn’t atrophied to the point where this isn’t actually true, I convey my thanks to the organisers.

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  1. RMC RMC

    Nice one. I loved Black Summer.

  2. michael aubert michael aubert

    I believe they awarded the prize to the version of the book that was translated into french by Eric Betsch.

  3. Dekker Dekker

    WHY THE FUCK ISN’T ‘BLACK GAS’ BEING MADE INTO A FILM??? (calms down) — and Bravo! ‘Black Summer’ is brilliant! It always felt like the original ‘Irredeemable’, which I am also currently enjoying.

  4. Indeed Mr. Ellis, your french isn’t atrophied. Black summer won this award and was selected among other interesting titles :

    – Jason Brice (tomes 1 à 2) de Alcante et Milan Jovanovic (Dupuis)
    – La Brigade chimérique (tomes 1 à 3) de Fabrice Colin, Serge Lehman et Stéphane Gess (L’Atalante)
    – King of Nekropolis de Danijel Zezelj (Mosquito)

    And yes, the prize goes also to the french edition of Black Summer (even if the editor says around that Avatar is only interested into making money, now he can start to shut up and praise Avatar … if the prize increases his sales …).

    And now I’m starting to wonder how you sound when talking in french !

    Ciao !


  5. France loves you, Warren.

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