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Black And White

My friends are always so quick to throw me under the bus. Katie West’s new book of photography is available for sale, and apparently it’s all my fault:

A long time ago Warren Ellis suggested I make a black and white photobook; something that didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get printed, something that anyone could pick up by way of print-on-demand, something that people from the internet could afford to buy five of – if they felt so inclined. It was, of course, a great idea, and I wanted to do it, but I got distracted by a few things. Or maybe just one thing: life.

But that’s the entire point of this: here is my life of the past year and a bit laid out in a collection of 76 black and white photographs. Some of them are terrifically sad, as I suffered many losses and a bout of self-inflicted heartbreak during this time; some are ridiculously happy, as I learned to be better at recognizing happiness; many are concerned with my body and sexuality, as those are issues I’ve always been interested in and during the past couple years I’ve been confronted with a lot of criticism and revelations about the representation of my body in my photography. You don’t see anyone else from my life, or actual things I might do day-to-day, but you do see how I feel about the moments and events that end up changing me.

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