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Big Comics

Druillet. Warped my mind at a sensitive age. Bought a copy of the LONE SLOANE/DELIRIUS Anglophone volume from 1973 out of a cheapie bin in the early 80s. Formative influence. Druillet, Talbot, Moore, Campbell, Moorcock, Burroughs, Kerouac, Dick. Eight core sites in my creative genome. (A few more, at random: Lessing, Dax, The The, Kneale, Potter, the Kennedy Martins.)

Big Comics were good.


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  1. Did you get a Lone Sloane tee-shirt? I think they advertised them in Piloté?

  2. Dennis Dennis

    Wow, just….wow. I want one.

  3. Brian Brian

    So, let me make sure I get the references right:

    Philippe Druillet
    Bryan Talbot
    Alan Moore
    Eddie or Joseph Campbell?
    Michael Moorcock
    William Burroughs
    Jack Kerouac
    Philip K Dick

  4. Brian Brian

    Ok, now I have to confirm the others too:

    Doris Lessing
    The The
    Nigel Kneale – British screenwriter, thrillers with sci-fi and horror themes
    The Kennedy Martins – brothers who wrote British crime dramas

    Warren, would you please confirm the above, especially Dax and Potter? I always enjoy investigating the writer and artists who influence your work.

  5. ned ned

    I second this motion^

  6. Jurgen Pletinckx Jurgen Pletinckx

    Now I want to live in a world where Eddie Campbell was one of the formative influence on Warren Ellis. Or at least, take a holiday there.

    As for Druillet, hell yes.

  7. Brian Brian

    @Mike: Thanks for letting me know about Dennis Potter and his work

    @Jurgen: My guess is that Warren was influenced by Joseph Campbell, but I could be wrong. That’s why I threw in Eddie as well as Joseph. Hope that Warren can confirm at some point

  8. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Eddie Campbell, not Joseph, yes.

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