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Between Books

Found on spring-violet’s LiveJournal. Thank you, Between Books:

…I received an email from Greg, the proprietor of Between Books.

Yesterday I had emailed him asking if he had three particular books available. He has two (which he has set aside for me), but the third he’d have to reorder. It turns out there are two available editions of the second book – he asked which I’d prefer.

Sure, I probably could have gotten the same service from a customer service person at Borders. But would that Borders employee know my reading habits and make suggestions as to what I may like to read next? Would they take a break from work to say "I just read this really funny thing in this Warren Ellis novel – you have to see it" and then proceed to pull out the book, flip to the page and hand it to me to read?

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  1. shorty shorty

    Having worked at Border’s, Yes. I would have sworn in front of my manager if it would have sold a copy of Warren’s book. I know longer work at Border’s.

  2. Rick Harris Rick Harris

    greg is great, I used to go to his place in delaware about once a month back in my 20’s , he managed to find just about any book I ever wanted , I give him major praise and bow to his knowledge!!!

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