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Last night, I was at the inauguration of BERG, the company that was Schulze and Webb.


I sort of accidentally named BERG. Because when Matt Jones laughingly asked me for company name suggestions, I said BRITISH EXPERIMENTAL ROCKET GROUP.

And I guess it kind of stuck.


Upon the announcement of the new company name, and the activation of the COMPLIMENTARY RE-ADJUSTMENT SEMINAR video projection, all principals of BERG donned blue lab coats with the BERG logo and their surname embroidered underneath. I like BERG because, if nothing else, they understand Mythic Resonance on their long Science-Factory Floor walk to the Future with mugs of tea in their hands.

Matt Sheret’s account.

(In attendance at the Schulze table: Rachael Gray, Gillen & McKelvie, Sheret, Lee Barnett. We were, I’m afraid, the loud people shouting at the skinny young folks from In fact, I think we were just the loud people in general.)

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  1. Hello,

    Have you ever read the french comic book called “L’incal”? It’s written by Jodorowsky (midgnight movies like “El Topo”) and drawed by moeubius (Heavy Metal, french version : metal hurlant).

    In this story, invaders from space called “Bergs” are attacking human race to find the greatest warior who can fertilise their imperatrice.

    Voila, voila. Je sais que ça n’apporte pas grand chose comme commentaire mais ça m’a fait poiler.

    I want more caribou eyes!

    Thanks and have a good day! (hate it here)

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