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  1. Yes, it is a gag, but I cannot stress enough how un-exaggerated a gag it is. During research (it’s my illustration) I ended up dialing back the satire, there was just no need to embellish (or it was more sad and more pointy that I did not have to) I was struck by the wide array of resources that hewed to the same story (which I guess, they have to) and were willing to refute education and science at every turn.

    And feed it to their children.

  2. Very sad but true. After reading much about both sides of the debate I have come to the conclusion that the world would be much better if there was more critical thinking. It would be base of me to simply say that they are idiots but so far none have given me reason not to. Once again, my hat is off to you Derek for your fantastic artwork and spot on assessment of the situation.

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