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Been Busy

And so have really not been paying enough attention to this page. Will rectify later. In the meantime, I present for your consideration the state of popular music (and a strangely frightening proto-Bez figure) in Czechoslovakia circa 1978:

EDIT: the guy with the criminal bowtie turns out to be Czech musician and comedian Ivan Mladek, who is also credited with the invention of the hideous Guitariano. According to this page, the above song…

…”Jozin z bazin” (Joe from the Swamps) …is about a swamp monster that specializes in devouring citizens of Prague and which can be destroyed only by a crop-dusting plane.

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  1. John John

    I’m trying to determine if that video ruined or made my day….

  2. Near as I can tell we’re watching the Czech version of “Hee Haw”.

  3. I’ve been to that party…

  4. buhbuhcuh buhbuhcuh

    I am somewhat relieved that the videos being made these days for the youtubes are already evolved to the point of czech music television circa ’78. Even the hairstyles are the same!

  5. R Batty R Batty

    Oh shi- The proto-Bez made my day! Thanks Warren

  6. Emborios Emborios

    The Czechs are Europe’s equivalent of the Japanese…

    …they’re superior.

  7. Rob Rob

    The video was struggling, but I think the man with the glass pane really saved it.

  8. Dan Chambers Dan Chambers

    I dig the look of defiance with an undertone of guilt he gives the camera at the end. It’s a look which says “Yeah… it’s shit. But you watched it. Who’s the real monster here?”

  9. Markyz de Sade Markyz de Sade

    Hi guys, I would like to say that Ivan Mladek is really funny guy with a specific kind of humour. There is the only one thing more funny in the world than that song and it is the Americans who know a shit about anything, but always comment everything. More culture to American nation!

  10. Ghoti Ghoti

    I deeply apologise for MdS’s comments and his whole appearance here. His pills got mixed up, it won’t happen again. As for Ivan Mladek, he used to be somewhat funny in the old days, as long as he wasn’t singing and that’s about all I can say about him, without being overly apologetic for such a monstrosity. Although, I don’t think it’s fitting calling this masterpiece “popular music” – as far as I know, he has always been considered to be a comedian with a banjo fetish, rather than a real musician. Sayonara.

  11. If anyone’s still following this, I talked with an actual Czech person about this song last night, and he explained: Jozin comes from the deep forest and eats people from Prague. The local party leader offers half his collective farm and half his daughter’s hand in marriage to whoever can defeat or capture Jozin, so the hero gets his crop dusting plane and sprays the forest; Jozin runs out and is caught.

    Now you know.

  12. I am from the Czech Republic. I grew up on this shit. In czech, the song is something like this: “1. I was riding my Skoda 100 car to the wilderness in Orava. I´m in a hurry, therefore I take many risks, passing over Moravia. There is a monster on the loose there, crawling out of the swamps, eats mainly people from Prague, and his name is Jozin. REF 1: Jozin the swamp-thing crawls through the swamp, Jozin the swamp-thing heads close to the village, Jozin the swamp-thing sharpens his teeth, Jozin the swamp-thing is biting, sucking and suffocating. The only thing that can beat Jozin, who would´ve thought that, is a crop dusting plane. 2: I was passing though a small village on the road to Vizovice, the mayor wellcomed me and by the slivovice (strong as hell czech spirit) said to me: Who will take Jozin down, dead or alive, I will give my daughter to him with half of the collective farm (JZD, the farm in the communist regime). 3: I say, give me, sir commarade, a plane and the dust, I will take Jozin to you, I see no catch in that. He indulged me, in the morning I went up, the dust from the plane fell silently on Jozin. REF 2: Jozin the swamp-thing, now he´s all covered in white, Jozin the swamp-thing, now he´s hurrying from the swamps, Jozin the swamp-thing fell on the rock, Jozin the swamp-thing, now he´s doomed. I got Jozin now, yohoho, any bucks´re good for me, I sell him to the Zoo.”

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