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[BAD SIGNAL] Oh, This One’s Weird

bad signal

If you happen to stay in the Drake
Hotel in Toronto during the month
of September, you will be presented
with a copy of CROOKED LITTLE
VEIN.  All month.  Anyone who checks
in.  Whether you want it or not.
And, when you retire to your room,
you will find on your phone there
a recorded message.  From me.
Talking about CROOKED LITTLE 

How bizarre is that?

Of all the promotional stunts I've
been involved with, this one is by
far the oddest.

*   *   *   *   *

In other news: THE ENGINE closes
around midnight UK time tonight.

Now, I did say that I had other plans
for online stuff following the closure
of The Engine.   They go like this:

*  I'm being poked and prodded by
a few people about maybe starting
(again) a private community space
for friends and fellow travellers,
but I don't know about that.

* However, when FREAKANGELS
starts later this year, it will come
with its own state-of-the-art(ish)
community space, built on the very
accessible Vanilla system.  It will
be unlike the Engine in almost every
way, and very much a fresh start.
Like FREAKANGELS the comic, the
community will be funded and
hosted by Avatar Press.

Obviously, we'll do the major
announcement when the comic
itself launches in a couple of months
or so.  But I said I'd mention what
was next before the Engine closes,
and so I have.


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