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[BAD SIGNAL] My Music System

bad signal

I was just talking  to Brubaker about this, and apparently I haven't
covered it in a Signal or  anything.


Step One:
Go to on a Monday, when they
update.  Click  on the genre of preference in the left-hand bar,
and then click "magic mix"  on the page that follows.  You see,
the Mancunian geniuses at Piccadilly  rip 40-second excerpts
of every one of the week's new releases that they've  received,
and put them up on the website in associated playlists, the  Magic
Mixes.  Clicking "magic mix" will stream each genre's  playlist
straight to your WinAmp or shiTunes.  Therefore, at  your
convenience, you can listen to a chunk of everything new  that
Piccadilly, one of the best record stores in Britain, gets  every

Step One B: 
You can, in fact, stop here, and  order the CDs or vinyl from
Piccadilly, who operate a flat-out excellent mail  order system.
Next year, I'll probably start using it again.  But I made  myself
stop ordering CDs on January 1, because I'm floating in  the
fuckers.  I'm spending a year mp3-only.

Step Two:
So if  you're me, and you're not ordering CDs, what do you do
next?  I go first  to, where I have a
monthly subscription that allows me  to download 90 DRM-free
high-end mp3s in every 30 days.  This is the  first place I
search for anything I like from the Piccadilly  stream.

(Yeah, I could go straight to Soulseek.  But I happen to  like
buying music.)

Now, eMusic are very good, but often a little slow  about 
obtaining indie stuff.  So, sometimes, I'll be out of luck.   At
which point, I go to one or all of  these:

As  a last resort, I'll try iTunes or one of the 7digital stores.
But I don't  like DRM on my music -- iTunes+, as well as
being a horrible scam, is still  way too spotty to be really
useful --  and I find 7digital extremely  unreliable.

Step Three:
MySpace.  Seriously.  I'll quite  frequently take a band name
from Piccadilly and plug it into google for the  band/act's
MySpace page. Which will, of course, always have four
of their  songs on there, some of which will often be up for
free download.   MySpace is still a phenomenal tool for music,
and that's nothing Fuckbook  will ever touch.  One of the
best parts of my internet day is always  checking the add
requests, finding bands in there, and clicking to their  profiles
to discover new music.  I usually link the interesting ones  on under the "::currently listening"  rubric.

There.  Staggeringly complicated, isn't it?  This is  why I am
Internet Jesus and you're an ordinary person with friends
and a  life.

-- W  



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