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[BAD SIGNAL] Confession

bad signal

I have an confession to make.

I have ordered a man-bag.

According to a Lifehacker thing
someone sent me this morning,
they are also referred to as the
"go-bag" or, wonderfully, the
"machismo tote."  Zoetica insists
on calling them "man-sacks," but
she's a sick little monkey.

I've just gotten sick, finally, of
stuffing everything in my pockets,
especially in summer when I can't
wear my long leather jacket.  And
I'm always missing something.  The
Bluetooth keyboard for my phone,
or the hands-free set, or plasters,
or a book, goes on.  I really
needed a knife the other day,
and of course it was in the drawer
at home (a big Swiss Army blade,
which actually should have been
in the trug, but still).

I was already in the process of
refining my kit -- I bought Niki a
Sandisk 1GB mp3 player, and then
nicked it off her for the San Diego
trip, as my own Archos 20GB is
very heavy and bulky and I needed
to buy back some bag space.  And
I like it well enough, with noise-
cancelling earbuds, that I've ordered
one for myself.  But when I started
thinking about what else I really 
need to carry... Bah.  Man-bag.

So I've ordered a Storm bag.  Not
a huge one, but I like the design, a
distressed PVC and textile mesh.
Well, as much as you can like a man-
bag.  And now I'm planning the kit.
Chief among which is a hand scanner.
I test-drove an optical pen-shaped
text scanner a few years back, but
never really got on with it -- and in
any case, I need to be able to scan
images on the road, and a camera
shot won't always cut it.  So I've
bought a Docupen with a 1GB card
-- the size of a long pen, it'll scan
to A4, and store a hundred images.
Three different kinds of Moleskine,
with pens and pencils -- getting out
of the habit of carrying paper and
pen was probably a bad idea, I don't
sketch anymore.

(I suddenly wonder if the Docupen
will USB into my phone?)

Treo, keyboard, spare keyboard
(a Belkin infrared), phone, phone
keyboard (bluetooth).  Victorinox
survival kitbag with a Swiss Army
Champ in there.  I need to find a
decent monocular, I think.  Sling
the Cybershot in there (the 7.2MP).
And the Sandisk 1GB.

Man-bag.  God, I am so sad.

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