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Bad Signal

I run an email list called Bad Signal. It’s been around in one form or another for more than ten years. Only I can post to the list, and the content is basically unedited braindumping, less structured and more meandering even than the stuff that appears here. You can join it here.

Recently, the venerable and cracked machine on which the Signal runs had one of its occasional cardiac episodes. After surgery, however, it ended up that the Signal, which was sending from, now sends from

The other week, I culled some dead addresses and then did a census experiment. The upshot of which is that the Signal goes out to ten thousand addresses, but only around 5500 people receive them.

So if you were on the Signal, and you haven’t had a Signal in a while, check your spamtraps for mail from Make sure you’re allowing your email client to receive email from badsignal at mailman flirble org. If you moved accounts, you can unsub it and resub with the new one here, too.

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