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Back From Eindhoven

The silver FIELD NOTES book gets reserved for the serious business. The whisky was provided, with great kindness, by the estimable Bruce Sterling.

Just got back from Eindhoven a few hours ago, where I was on the public think tank for the science/art brainstorming that will inform the forthcoming UNDER TOMORROW’S SKY exhibition at MU Gallery there, on the subject of the city of the future.  Tomorrow I will try and unpack at least some of what happened there.  But I want to say that Bruce, the cracklingly intelligent biologist Rachel Armstrong, and the erudite and insightful Simon Ings were absolutely brilliant.  As was, as ever, my friend Paul Duffield.  And the digital painter, Ed, whose last name I now forget (for reasons I’ll get into tomorrow, I’m sure), was a revelation – even his unintended marks sparked stories.

Right now, I just want to thank Liam Young, Angelique and MU Gallery for arranging all this and hosting us, and to all the people who showed up and/or listened in on the Ustream.  It was a really entertaining, fascinating way to spend a weekend, and wonderful ideas were conjured, despite the massive drag factor introduced into the mix by my inclusion.

And now, I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in about nine days, so…

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