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Six pages at CBR.

And remember: I don’t set the prices on Marvel comics.


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  1. I really like the Ghost Box off shoot it’s a great story and the art is super kick ass across the board!

  2. Wonderful!

    Oh, how I wish that was regular Marvel continuity…

  3. Caged Wisdom Caged Wisdom

    Beautiful work, and as is usual with your stuff I got sucked in within the first few panels. Bastard. Now please tell me that this will be collected in one of the AXM trades because that’s the only way I buy comics anymore.

  4. Reddrascal Reddrascal

    This stings the nostrils with wafts of McCarthy. Then they eat the leg meat. You cant hear it but im gnashing my teeth and clapping. I want 128 pages of this…BRAVO!

  5. No you don’t set the prices, but you make the books worth reading again. I

  6. Julianna Julianna

    The total fucking bleakness of this preview have made me interested in the series again. I am going to need a therapist on-call to read this one, aren’t I?

  7. Yeah, definite ‘The Road’ influence there and its completely refreshing to see it in an X-Men book.

  8. Leto Leto

    Great job with the way you handled the Beast. The whole former-genius-now-retarded part really works with him. He’s like Walter Bishop in Fringe, but without the “poo-poo” lines. It would be nice and refreshing to see that in the regular universe.
    That was the best part, I think, not the crippled-Wolverine sandwich, which is the kind of nasty thing you usually do.

  9. Ian Aspden Ian Aspden

    Steampunk to Ruins

    Did we get the story telling “flip of the coin” for Ghost Box?

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