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  1. king king

    From here on out, all post-apocalyptic worlds must feature enormous statues of Colonel Sanders.

  2. Mamoru Oshii, his Patlabor movie is still one of my favorite

  3. Kenn Kenn

    I don’t know what to think about the trailer for Assault Girls, but Assault Girl 2 is an amazing piece of pure gobbledy gook for a classically Japanese punch line. Loved it.

  4. Alex Alex

    God bless Japan and all the weirdly awesome stuff they gift us with on a daily basis.

  5. The brilliance of ASSAULT GIRL was marred by the snore-inducing drivel that was ASSAULT GIRL 2.

    In AG2, the Assassin Michael lays silently in an endless field of tall grasses. It rains. The rain lifts. She stands and begins to make her way through the grasses seemingly without purpose. She stops, pulls a sword and through the swipe of it, reveals a World War I tank that kicks to life and tries to run her down. She defeats it easily with a second swipe of her sword. It derezzes and revealed behind it is Female Prisoner Lucifer. The two battle (Michael using her sword, Lucifer using nothing but body blocks) neither getting the upper hand. Lucifer eventually spreads her wings and takes off. Michael watches her go and then spreads her own wings. End of story.

    AG2 is approximately 15 minutes long, has no dialogue and is hedged by a lulling soundtrack. The first 10 minutes of the film is Michael laying in the grass looking up at the sky and sheltering herself (rather ineffectively) from the rain with a shawl. There isn’t much that could have saved this short from drooldom, but cutting the first 10 minutes would have helped. Mr Oshii quotes The Book of Mark at the beginning and the Book of Enoch (66:6 — though I’m not sure if the Japanese and English versions of the Bible are the same in this regard as when I researched the English version of Enoch 66:6, the references didn’t match up) at the end.

    Fortunately I don’t believe AG and AG2 are connected in any way (hopefully) other than name. Mr Oshii’s ASSAULT GIRLS however will be a full-length movie based on ASSAULT GIRL. And you can thank Buddha’s ever blue balls for that because if it were based on AG2, not a soul on this planet would be able to sit through it.

  6. PS The first movie is ASSAULT GIRLS not ASSAULT GIRLS 2.

  7. Duder Duder

    Made in DNA – have you seen other Oshii films? Angel’s Egg, The Red Spectacles, Talking Head? Patlabor 2, Ghost in the Shell 2, The Sky Crawlers? Stray Dog: Keroberos Panzer Cops was a movie practically made of montages set to ambient tones. The guy has always done that kind of stuff, it’s like he’s channeling Tarkovsky through weird sci-fi biblical filter.

  8. Chuntaro Chuntaro

    the first 2 were a short movies, one called “assault girl :hinaku to kentucky”, and the second short “assault girl 2”, and the movie is called “Assault Girls”(in plural not singular), is in production.

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