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Art Addicts In Space

My old friend Suzanne Gerber is looking for investors for her new London art gallery space.

She obtained the premises, and then, due to shenanigans, had to undergo a long and costly legal battle to keep them, wiping out her funds. Since then? Copper thieves on the rooves and then flooding, among other things in an astonishing run of bad luck.

Suzanne’s an incredibly experienced young curator and one of the Anglophone world’s leading artbloggers: regular readers will know her as Miss Wurzel Tod. More details here, for the curious.

And, yes, she will just stare at you unsettlingly like that until you crack and click the link.

Check out this astonishing minimalist apartment.  It’s actually owned by an acquaintance of mine and his wife, but since the article doesn’t name them, I won’t either.  But, seriously: total Kubrick 2001.

Becky Cloonan, illustrator on Brian Wood’s DEMO and NORTHLANDERS among other things, appears to have a new minicomic due:


Looking for an interesting way to display webcomics? I bet that, if your webcomic was manga/digest size, or some other size that’s not as deep as the standard US comic page, treesaver.js could be a fascinating way to show it.

I really need to think about whether or not I’m going to do another webcomic after FREAKANGELS. (I just started work on ep 0126, so there’s less than twenty episodes to go.)

And someone on Whitechapel just showed me this. Anyone know what film this is from? Heh.

(oh shut up.)

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