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Still here. Took delivery of a new laptop yesterday — the 15-inch Lenovo Ideapad Y580 with the FHD screen and the i7 chip, for those who care — so I should be productive again shortly. Although I’m writing this on the iPad, because I won’t be productive on the Ideapad until the gel tape I ordered from Amazon arrives. Because the Ideapad has sharp edges. On the leading edge, where my wrists sit when I type. Which is why I have red grooves in my wrists, like a very tired cutter armed only with a butter knife, this morning. So I have to put gel tape over the edges. Other than that, it doesn’t seem like a bad machine, the usual Lenovo and Win7 crankiness aside.

The really nice thing, of course, is how quickly I can get a new machine up and running these days. I use a service called Ninite, that creates a loadpoint for new machines — a little executable file that contains the installation commands for the programs I need. Start it up, and it goes off and downloads and installs every program I selected (from a long list on their site). There were, I think, only four things I needed that they didn’t have on their list. And all my work lives in Dropbox. So, within an hour of taking delivery of the machine, I was away, with Chrome and 1Password all synced, iTunes library recompiled and entirely within my preferred setup.

(All I really have to do is puzzle out my Livedrive instance — I have two external drives hooked to Livedrive, but Livedrive won’t recognise them as anything other than new drives, because they’re piping through a laptop with a new name. So I may have to re-upload 35GB of ripped CDs to keep everything straight, which is a little irritating, but still…)

Anyway. No heavy writing until the gel tape arrives, but I’m around, on a machine that won’t (so far) crash if I cough on it.

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