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ARIADNE AND THE SCIENCE: 3/5 – by Molly Crabapple & Warren Ellis

Very soon, the solar system was a mass of warm and grassy island computers.  But Ariadne was far from finished.  The best machines ever should be able to answer all the questions, and she knew there was more to see.  And so there were soon trees that stood so high and strange that their silver tops crested up into the universe next door.  Ariadne grew bridges across the multiverse, the set of all possible universes, just to see what she could see, which is of course the best reason of all.  And, on the foot of every bridge she crossed, she gave Meadow to every Earth she found.  As did Meadow itself, when it explored on its own, as it was a friendly kind of Damned Stuff, and also because weeds get bloody everywhere.

Words by Warren Ellis, pictures by Molly Crabapple.

ARIADNE 3/5 is available as a limited-edition print.

© Warren Ellis & Molly Crabapple 2012

12 – 3 –4 -5

Published in ariadne and the science