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ARIADNE AND THE SCIENCE: 1/5–by Molly Crabapple & Warren Ellis



No-one knows how old Ariadne is any more.  She’s said by many to live in seclusion within a cloaked and baroque lunar atelier, which is a strange thing for a woman known to have wanted to see everything there is to see.  Some say that, by some hypercosmic string magic, she watches herself as a child, studying the day that curious young Ariadne had her idea.  No-one had told little Ariadne not to ask questions, and when she worked out that plants were the best machines of all, she asked why they couldn’t be made to do things that her computer machines could do.  And when no-one had a good enough response, Ariadne came up with the best answer of all: I will find out by learning how to make them do that.  And that is why Ariadne lives on the moon, and why we are all here today.

Words by Warren Ellis, pictures by Molly Crabapple.

ARIADNE 1/5 is available as a limited-edition print.

© Warren Ellis & Molly Crabapple 2012


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