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Apologies, Server Farted

Apparently the host server wigged out overnight and while I was out with my family today. The main result of this seems to have been some weirdness in the RSS service, and it turns out some of you may have gotten up to two dozen repeat posts. Here on the main website, the Twitter feed repeated itself twenty times, and on the LiveJournal feed at there are eight repeats of the most recent dump (and god knows why that happened). The latter, I’m afraid, I can’t clean up, because there’s no instantiation of it on the main site. Sorry about that.

In other news, I have a joint of pork from a rarebreed-pig/boar cross. Much darker than ordinary pork. It is in fact Dark Pork. Which will probably soon be a series from DC Comics. This will go well with the bottles of beer I bought from the Felstar Brewery out of Felsted, an hour north of here. One’s called Dark Knight and I swear the other is called Spooky Chick. Spooky Chick is in the refrigerator.

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