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  1. James K James K

    Quick, hide it from Cormac McCarthy.

  2. Apocalypse X is new favourite band name.

  3. RMC RMC

    Yeah, I like how the class X event is the opening to the plot of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  4. Auz Auz

    I’m not sure Vogons qualify as post-Singularity…

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  6. Staldo Staldo

    Computronium? Everything seemed plausible until I get to that point. Am I to believe that aliens are going to use Earth as a motherboard?

  7. Mat Jensterle Mat Jensterle

    Pretty much yes. Except the aliens would be the more technologically radical of our descendants. They’d use the ‘dumb’ matter of the Earth to produce more computationally active material. Probably to have virtual sex parties in.

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