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Another PLANETARY #27 Update

While I was in London getting bladdered being a responsible writer yesterday, I got an email from DC Wildstorm to tell me that John Cassaday was, apparently without warning, uploading the complete art for #27 into their FTP space.

I now have those pages on my computer. #27 is all done sans the cover.

I’m a bit hungover still pissed tired right now, and haven’t looked at them all, but maybe I’ll leak a panel or two tomorrow.

EDITED TO ADD: Christ, I’m sorry. I just realised it’s April 1. Therefore this looks like a colossal wind-up. So here’s a tiny bit of proof:

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  1. AllMadHere AllMadHere

    Please, let this not be an April Fools joke.

  2. Truly astounding news. Hurry up & get that cover done, Cassaday!

  3. Sebastian Sebastian

    If this is some kinda April Fool shit I’ll slap you to death with a dead puppy.

  4. If this is an April Fools joke, it’s cruel. Cruel, I tell you!

  5. street'n'smith street'n'smith


    (there’d be an exclamation mark after that yes if it weren’t for the fact that i’ve been reading planetary in trade…)

  6. Matt K Matt K

    Yes this does seem like a colossal wind-up. Although that’s nothing compared to how it will appear once other sites begin spreading the news. :)

    Assuming this is true, though, how splendid! Time for Laura to get out her markers (or, drawing tablet, probably)?

  7. diunx diunx

    I have a huge erection right now.

  8. Finally an artist with some focus. Is there a COMIC STRIPPERS only internet, I’m seeking a home.


    I like that Cassaday has given them all a “why do you hate us with this ridiculous joke?” expressions.
    As my granny used to say; what was wrong with pictures of distended anuses and artificially enlarged foreskins?

  10. Amazing news! Planetary is the only book I don’t tradewait!

  11. andro101010 andro101010

    not wind up as was twittered on 31 March,

  12. Joe Joe

    Now all I have to do is wait for Planetary #27 to be collected in trade along with the rest and then I’ll be able to start reading it.

  13. Count Jepsoni Count Jepsoni

    In a word


    Love you Warren xx

  14. Peter Peter

    The news reports said the Conficker computer worm was very sophisticated, but I didn’t realize how much so until now.

    Seriously, though, if this is “Not A Hoax! Not An Imaginary Story!” then I can stop feeling like the comics fanboy version of a Cargo Cult follower.

  15. Electric Chimp Electric Chimp

    Now THAT was funny.

  16. Come one people, Warren does not April Fools. In fact he hides from the internet on this day, usually.

  17. Oh, the art’s done, but the April Fool’s stinger is that the beam of light approaching the team turns out to be Philip Jose Farmer, revealing that Wold Newton is alive and real, and our world is the rigid fiction.

  18. Sweet. I don’t even care if it is an April fools gag. If it is, that’s funny. if not, cool.

  19. Dan Parry Dan Parry

    Good Lord. Now we have to wait for tomorrow, when the joke is revealed, and thousands of people either bring out the pitchforks and torches, or jump from tall buildings.

    Thanks, Warren. Some of us have to clean that shit up.

  20. Meanderthal Meanderthal



    This is most excellent news.

  21. theConundrumm theConundrumm

    ah… i can die fulfilled now… kudos mr cassiday, and to you mr ellis…

    [and had this not been true… this, quite possible could have been the cruelest april fool’s thingy EVER!!!]

  22. Rejoice! How long have we been waiting for that?

  23. A. Scientist A. Scientist

    I knew that if I sacrificed enough baby kittens my prayers would be answered. I truly am looking forward to this.

  24. Pierangelo Pierangelo

    Maybe I am just toooooo trusting becuase I did’nt even make the April 1st connection. But then I don’t live with Kiwi’s either.

  25. kingmob kingmob

    It´s great to see that Planetary # 27 is almost done and I can´t wait to see the last issue of that amazing series.

  26. The Jester The Jester


  27. ml ml

    best damn comic i ever read. keep it coming warren.

  28. DKinSK DKinSK

    So does that mean Absolute Planetary vol 2 by the end of the year?

  29. Kevin Kevin


    (Starts jumping around excitedly like a four year old on a really big sugar high)

  30. Ben Ben

    This is good news indeed. Now we have something to keep the aliens at bay with-we have interdimentional proof that we are cool and do not deserved to be obliterated. Yet. Thanks Ellis, Cassaday, Laura-any updates on expected release date yet?-Ben Gray, 4/23/’09

  31. Hey, did any kind of closure happen with the person brought back from the fictional universe in issue 9? I hope some kind of reference to that is made in this final issue, I’m assuming Chase will be mentioned at the very least.

  32. Maybe I am just toooooo trusting becuase I did’nt even make the April 1st connection. But then I don’t live with Kiwi’s either.

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