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An Interview With Professor Elemental

A fine interview by Carl Watkins with Paul Alborough, alias chap-hop gentleman of performance Professor Elemental. This bit made me smile:

GG:Your most recent single, “Fighting Trousers,” seems to really be picking up steam and is quickly becoming a viral video hit, collecting over 100,000 views in the week since it’s been posted. This week it’s also the 48th most favorited music video on youtube. How does it feel to be getting so much international attention and praise from people like writer Warren Ellis?

PA:It’s been brilliant! I mean, Warren Ellis?! My favourite writer saying nice things about my words is pretty much as good as it gets for a comic geek like me. Plus I have had more odd offers than I could have possibly imagined: everything from gigs in aquariums to offers to do a nude photo shoot. I had to say no to that last one though, I don’t think people are quite ready for me to do the full monty, despite the fact that I have honed my body to near physical perfection.

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