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  1. Scans_daily is having a party with it.

    Some really good geek jokes.

    I’ve got a Spider Jerusalem one coming up tonight.

  2. Marc Manzo Marc Manzo

    This is excellent! Not sure if you’re aware of it but Marvel made 2 banners for Civil War. One supporting Cap and the other supporting Iron Man. Clearly we support the Agents of H.A.T.E.

  3. Citybeatnik Citybeatnik

    This one might have shown up during one of /co/’s big shop-offs, I’m not entirely sure.

  4. Maciej G. Maciej G.

    Penny Arcade is having a blast with it. I saw a Dirk Anger one in there….

  5. RMC RMC

    Sweet! Revenge of the C-List

  6. Christian O. Christian O.

    There’s a couple of NextWave ones at Millarworld somewhere, I think a “I’m With Father Blood Drench Robo Crush” and a “NextWave: They don’t know the meaning of the word Civil.”

  7. Joona Kosonen Joona Kosonen

    I made this banner and the three other Nextwave ones at Millarworld/Jinxworld/Newsarama. Hiya.

  8. Singular Quartet Singular Quartet

    Well then dude, I’d say its fucking awesome.

  9. Some nice ones there^, though I think the “new” Foolkiller (the one with the gimp-mask) would have looked better.

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