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America: This Is Not Your Next President

Iowa governor Tom Vilsack announces his candidacy for the Democratic nomination.

Politics is image. From a certain point of view, John Kerry could not win because he looked a bit like Boris Karloff with a badger nailed to his head. Meet Tom Vilsack:

Now meet a potato:

He is not greatly loved in his early-voting home state:

…a Des Moines Register Iowa Poll found that Vilsack ranked fourth among likely caucusgoers. Another Iowa Poll this fall found that 57 percent of likely Iowa voters think it is a bad idea for Vilsack to run for president.

He is chair of the Democratic Leadership Council, whose “New Democrats” include John Kerry and John Edwards. America is still thanking the DLC for that, I believe. The DLC founder is reported to have aimed criticism at Howard Dean during the 2004 noms. Howard Dean is, of course, now the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Which is a bit more important than the other one.

Governor Vilsack has an interesting take on Iraq:

“I don’t think we’re losing.”

And also:

“I don’t think the face of the Democratic Party is Nancy Pelosi.”

And, finally, his name is Vilsack. Which I suspect pretty much concludes the deal right there.

I wrote something the other night on Fuckup 2008 for Bad Signal, and I know at least one person is expecting me to rerun it here. Lemme see if I can find it…

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