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Am Actually Very Tired Yes

I should be making with the free entertainment by now, I know, but I’m mostly just reading and wishing those three Red Bull I sank were actually working.

It’s the time of year, it turns out, for people to notice that the sf magazines are tanking, once more. This time it’s the turn of’s MediaShift to point out that they’re fucked. The piece interviews a couple of mildly confused-sounding editors: partly, they sound confused because the interviewer is determined to make a connection between their sliding sales and the internet, but they also manage to sound a bit confused about the internet itself.

Vaguely connnected in the clickstream that followed: sf editor Jetse De Vries is packaging an anthology of "optimistic science fiction," having quit the editorial team of INTERZONE magazine due to being "unhappy with the direction and tone the fiction in Interzone will be taking." Which left the remaining team quite baffled, as "no such change was identified or discussed at any time within the team." Apparently the quitting and the anthology are not causally related. INTERZONE’s main problem, on a superficial level, would seem to be less that an editor’s left to make a "SF With Lovely Cuddles" book, than that it appears to be the early 1970s in their art department.

The hell with it. I’m not getting sucked into that discussion again. Go and listen to "Happy Birthday You" by Jay Jay Pistolet.

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