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All I Want To Be Is A GIF

Kieron Gillen unwittingly provides the slogan for the Tumblr years.  (via)

It’s not a bad one, as accidental slogans go.  (Though I am still sad that “It’s all about control, Luigi” never caught on.  It could have been the new “son i am disappoint.”)  Though it’s interesting to me that Tumblr’s own gif tumblr hasn’t been active in months.  The Storyboard team there got fired recently, replaced by an algorithmic solution to surfacing content that was rolled back the same day because it didn’t work.  Amusingly, it turned out today that the statement about the Storyboard group firing was actually written by one of them.

It’s a very Tumblr thing.  Kieron’s tumbling through the servers now, alive and looping as pure Tumblarity.  Tumblr loves nothing more than a GIF.

I don’t have much of a presence on Tumblr, but I like it there.  I loved the early tumblelogs that Tumblr moved so quickly to emulate, and what they’ve made out of that cheeky sticky-fingeredness is quite remarkable.  Especially given that they seem to have no visible business model beyond convincing investors to give them money.  Which, I guess, is also impressive: until such time as they have to monetise and their actions in that regard impinge on the tastes of a user base sometimes as touchy and rabid as the old LiveJournal crowd. 

I’d like to think that Tumblr will solve their obvious problems before they crash down like asteroids.  I’d also like to think that most users have copies of their most-loved Tumblr posts.  The year of All I Want To Be Is A GIF would be a very sad thing to look back on, if it turned out you’ve died when the servers were switched off.

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