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All Cartoonists Are Perverts Anyway

“The man in the mask, who had stripped me completely naked, handed me a safety razor and shaving cream and ordered me to shave myself down there. While I complied without protest, he began filming me from different angles with his video camera.”

On April 7, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested Hideka Tada, age 38, who, writing for Dojinsha Co. under the pen name “Hideki Nonomura” has been acclaimed for his famous SM cartoons in which adolescent females with enormous breasts undergo acts of humiliation similar to the one above. Tada, it seems, wasn’t content merely to imagine such activities, but wanted to experience the real thing before turning to his sketchpad.

“Nonomura’s works were extremely popular. Bookstores would set up exclusive corners just to display his books. He was regarded by many as the ‘Emperor’ of this type of cartoon business and rumor had it he raked in 100 million yen a year via consignment sales to the media.”

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